Mina Harker

One of the original members of the band whom set out to destroy Dracula, Mina Harker is both scarcely featured in Hellsing, yet wildly crucial to it's plot.

An Englishwoman of exuberant beauty and grace, Mina is featured in almost every single telling and adaptation of Dracula to date.

The following Section will discuss Mina, her history, story, traits and information (relevant to Hellsing) in detail. Click on a section's name below to skip to it. But be warned, Mina's part in the story is not fully revealed until the closing pages of Hellsing. Read on at your own risk.


  • Name in Japanese: ミナ・ハーカー (Mina Haakaa)
  • Alternate Names: Wilhelmina Murray (Maiden Name)
  • Nicknames/Aliases: Mina, "She", The Beginning
  • Age: Mid-Late 20s During the Battle with Dracula, Deceased in 1998
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Hair Color: Chestnut Brown
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Human - Echo of a True Vampire
  • Nationality: British
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Religion: Chatholic
  • Affiliations: Jonathan Harker (Husband), The Original Dracula-slaying Party, Millennium (Used for their research)
  • Weapon of Choice: Non-Fighter
  • Voice: N/A (Mina Never Speaks in Hellsing)


NOTE: Hirano has confirmed in an interview that the events of Bram Stoker's Dracula took place in the Hellsing Universe. The information as follows is taken from that novel (and occasionally the film) until otherwise noted.

Mina Harker was originally Mina Murray, a British school teacher who was engaged to be wed to one Johnathan Harker, just as soon as he returned from a long voyage out to Transylvania to close a real estate deal with the eccentric Count Dracula who lives there. During Jonathan's run-in with the Count, Mina spent most of her time visiting her best friend Lucy Westenra. However, after Jonathan's escape from the castle, Mina rushed to Budapest to be by his side and to nurse him back to health. It was in Budapest that the two were wed, finally becoming husband and wife. Upon returning to England, the newlyweds were horrified to find that Lucy had been killed, of an unknown ailment.

Jan Making his Famous Speech.
The Dracula Hunting Party

Around this time, Mina found herself stalked in England by a mysterious man who had taken an interest in her. Unbeknownst to anyone, this man was Lucy's killer - Dracula himself, who had become enamored with Mina after seeing her picture on Jonathan's possession. He sought Mina for his very own and wished to have her by any means necessary. Despairingly, the No-Life King got his desire, biting into and successfully feeding his blood to Mina, binding her to him to become his own servant upon her death. The Harkers immediately joined together with Dr. Abraham Van Helsing to form a coalition to bring down Dracula, alongside Lucy's former suitors. The group then chased down Dracula, trying to defeat him quick enough to save Mina from forever being tainted by him. During this time, Mina began to drift in and out of consciousness, becoming telepathically linked to the horrid vampire. Thinking quickly, Van Helsing used this to their advantage, tracking the No-Life King through this psychic link and confronting him back at Castle Dracula for a final confrontation.

NOTE: From this point on, the events transpired differently in the Hellsing universe than in the original novel or film, these are the events as depicted in Hellsing.

Walter Confronts Jan
One of the Group shields
Mina from the Count.

During the fight itself, Mina saw very little action though she did take up arms, and confronted the Gypsies who were protecting Dracula. Upon arriving at the castle however, they finally confronted the count just before dawn. After a fierce fight, Van Helsing cornered the count and was able to drive a stake through the No-Life King, defeating the Count by the light of the coming dawn. Although poor Quincy Morris was lost in the fight, The Vampires marks apparently left Mina's flesh, a fact that Van Helsing took the opportunity to shout at the disgraced vampire. Abraham decided not to deliver the finishing blow to his felled foe, instead taking Dracula's now powerless form with him back to England.

Seras with Jan in the Police Hold
The Fall of the Count.

The fall of Dracula did seem to save Mina from her fate as his servant, and she went on to live a happily married life with Jonathan. The two eventually fathered a child, Quincy Harker, named for their fallen compatriot during the battle with Dracula.
From this point, little is known of what happened during the rest of Mina's life, however it appears that despite Dracula's defeat seemingly saving her, Mina's vampirism was not completely reversed.
At some point, due to Dracula being left alive, Mina's powers as a vampire began to reawaken to some small extent, and her canines developed into full-blown fangs. She became, at least in some small part, a vampire!
Just how long Mina continued to live and exactly what, if anything Jonathan or Van Helsing attempted to do about any apparent resurfacing of her vampiric traits is unknown, but she did eventually pass away, so was not completely vampiric or "immortal".

Integra Aims her Gun at Jan
Mina in Bindings as
Millennium's Test Subject.

WARNING: Beyond this point are very big spoilers for the later parts of the story, read on at your own risk.

At some point in the 1930s, Mina's corpse was unearthed by the fearsome Waffen-SS who tapped into her vampiric powers and began to run horrid experiments on her. She was possibly somehow revived for most of these experiments, chained up and potentially writhing in agony as they poked, prodded, and cut her up, all working towards their final goal; artificially reproduce Dracula's powers. Somehow, during all of this, they were able to find within her an essence of Dracula's power, and were able to successfully reverse-engineer it. Thus, Mina Harker became the mother of a new breed of artificially born vampires.

Jan Just Before Bursting Into Flame
Mina's Corpse Long After Death.

Despite their apparent success in creating these artificial vampires, "Millennium", as this horrid group of Nazi vampires called themselves, always kept her corpse on hand for further breakthroughs and experiments. Their sick Doctor continuing his research well into the 1990s. Millennium's final purpose was simple; use their artificially-bred vampire army to wage an all out war on England and Dracula himself!
The war began in 1999, and took place in only one night. Mina's corpse was present at the war, sitting in the lab in the Nazi's flagship. She remained there undisturbed until the closing moments of the battle. Walter, the British turncoat had made his way back into the zeppelin to head off the evil Doctor and make sure his research died by the light of this day's dawn. It was then that Walter discovered what was left of Mina, her skeleton. The full story of just what had happened to Mina came out then, and Walter determined that the research must end there and now. His final act was to destroy the ship, killing both himself and the Nazi Doctor, as well as destroying Mina's remains once and for all, keeping anybody from being able to ever use her as a guinea pig again.


Seras with Jan in the Police Hold
Alucard unleashing his power.

As Mina never fully turned into a vampire, it is unknown what kinds of powers she was capable of, however seeing what both Alucard and a fully-powered Seras Victoria are capable of, is is not unreasonable to assume Mina would have been capable of such feats as well.

Mina's blood and biology, however, were the truly powerful part of her existence. Despite their defeat of Dracula, Mina still held within her an essence of Dracula's power. This essence was apparently not enough to give her true vampiric powers or immortality, however her corpse did appear to still have fangs. From this minute trace of Dracula within her, Millennium was able to make a "Fake Alucard", which lead to the vampire army they would later employ.


Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' First Edition; 1897
Theatrical Poster
For the Film.
  • Mina's history is taken from Bram Stoker's novel Dracula. As said earlier, that novel has been declared canon to the Hellsing world by Hellsing's author Kouta Hirano in an interview with Anime Insider. However, also as stated before, the novel was not the only source used for Hellsing. During volume 7 of the manga, it mentions Dracula having come to England on the ship the "Demeter", is looking for a "Woman he personally desired", meaning Mina Harker. In the novel, Dracula did not come to England for Mina, he came simply to drink of the blood-rich shores of England. he only ever attacked Mina in retribution once the band of humans was hunting him. The storyline in which Dracula went for Mina out of personal desire was only used in the movie adaptation of the novel by Francis Ford Coppola. Therefore it's reasonable to believe that in-part at least, Hirano also based the story on the movie.

  • The true fate of Mina between her appearance in Dracula and her appearance in Hellsing is completely unknown. In Hellsing: The Dawn, when she appears in bindings, she appears to have some meat on her as well as a nose, and the panel featuring her includes some sound effects that appear to be wailing, implying she was alive (in a manner of speaking) during these events. Despite this, Walter states at the end that they "Dug up" the corpse of Mina to do their research. Unless Hirano completes the Dawn, is is unlikely this will ever be elaborated on, however, it is entirely possible Mina was somehow temporarily revived by Millennium for their experiments.